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multi-instrumental multi-dimensional

radically healing sacred sound ceremonies

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Vibrational Medicine for the People



creates multi-instrumental, multi-dimensional,
radically healing
Sound Ceremonies
for all.

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Auspicious Acoustics Sound Ceremonies integrate the resonances and vibrational medicines of a great diversity of world instruments to bring nourishing harmonizations for the mind, body and soul.


Thank you Tiarra & Ry-El for the beautiful love and healing you share with the planet. 

We are blessed to have the chance to listen.  
- Adia



Auspicious Acoustics' work is rooted in xučyun (Huichin), Unceded Ohlone Territory, of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our Sound Sanctuary

is on Lisjan Ohlone Land in 

El Cerrito, California. 


Our intention is to create soundscapes

that transcend space and time,

with resonances that are prayers for

the air, the water, the fire, the earth,

the ethers, the Ancestry - for all beings

- for all of humanity.


We tend to the nuances of radical healing  

with the highest vibrationscreating healing spaces for  the Global Majority and all interconnected in the infinite 


Meet the Sound Stewards

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Mx.T  & Ry-El

Auspicious Acoustics Sound Stewards

Tiarra and Ry-El, Auspicious Acoustics’ Sound Stewards, have brought  Auspicious Offerings to the Beloved Community since 2019.  The sounds, rhythms, melodies, and harmonics Mx. T and Ry-El create are one of a kind; they are the acoustic crystallizations of pure Love, alchemized in service of profound personal, community, and planetary healing.



Auspicious Acoustics

Vibrational Medicine for the People

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