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The Very Cherry Magic Actions” are healing-justice-centered engagements for the Angel Baby Constellations: the parents, families, caregivers and loved ones of ascended young ones.   Through auspicious offerings that include community altar building, ritual sound performance, heart-nourishing cacao ceremony, regenerative earthwork, joyful celebration and testimony, The Very Cherry Magic Actions are activating a movement in service of profound healing and transformation for those who have experienced the ascension of a child.  

Welcome to The  Very 
Cherry Magic Actions

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What are the Very cherry magic actions?

Who is invited?

WheN and where are the actions?

Why actions?

How do i join the actions?

How to contribute?


"Our intention is to create paradise for all loved ones of the Angel Baby Constellations to be in collective celebration of the divinity of our Ascended Young Ones."

Cherry's Mommy, La Madre Tiarra

تشري حبيبي جوريمة لودونيو عمر الين  نوكس
Cherry Habibi Jurema Londoño Omar Allen-Knox

Who is Cherry?  What is Cherry Magic?  What are The Very Cherry Magic Actions?


A Message from Cherry's Mommy, La Madre Tiarra

"In February 2023, I gave birth to my first child,

my beautiful Baby Girl. 

My Angel ~ her name is Cherry.

After 41 weeks of pregnancy, before Cherry's arrival earthside,

my sweet Baby Cherry became an Ancestor.

"I believe in the power of courageous vulnerability.  I am also rooted in the wisdom of my Ancestors, who teach me the power of Devotion.  In my testimony and deep bows of surrender to the Divine, my Angel continues to reveal to me a Love that is very sacred.  She teaches me the expansive potential of transformation available to us when we are in reverence with our loved ones who have ascended to Ancestral Realms.

I call this beauty Cherry Magic✨💖🍒🌈✨​🌸

“ ‘Cherry Magic’  is very old.  For years, I’ve seen Cherry Magic manifest in the bliss of the thousands of children I've served ~ in the the delight of an epiphany, in the enchantment of a story, in the wisdom of innocence, in the alchemy of a rites-of-passage, & in the essence of every child's joy. 

Upon Cherry's conception, and particularly with her ascension, I began to observe a new evolution.  I see Cherry Magic in the geometries of a daffodil; I feel it in the libations of tears and in the victories of transmutation. 


Cherry Magic is regenerative - it is in the new generation iridescent on every leaf of every forest luminous under the shine of a new day.   I rejoice upon finding Cherry Magic in the resonances of supreme acoustic harmonies - because when I listen, I can hear Cherry sing.

Cherry Magic is for ALL of us.  In this context, Auspicious Acoustics names our offering for The Angel Baby Constellations "The Very Cherry Magic Actions" in honor of our Beloved, and also as invitation to healing-justice for all young ones who are inviting us to (re)member.  Our intention is to create paradise for all loved ones of the Angel Baby Constellations to be with the power that has come through - to be in collective celebration of the divinity of our Ascended Young Ones."

-Auspicious Acoustics Sound Steward,

Cherry's Mommy, La Madre Tiarra 

Our Very Cherry Approach


Ancestral Honoring

We honor our ancestors through  collective wisdom sharing, community altar creation, and reindiginized rituals for remembering grief as Love.

Vibrational Medicine

We nourish our minds, bodies and souls via Sound Ceremonies that integrate  the vibrational medicines of instruments from all around the world.

Courageous Vulnerability

We are vulnerageous, and we share our sacred stories as vital feedback for cultivating compassion in our world, in our communities, and in our own hearts.


"Our intention is to remember the ways of the rebirth doulas,

and to embody the healing we seek for all our generations.”

-Auspicious Acoustics


Angel Baby Constellations

"You will always
be my baby."

- Cherry's Grandmother Fadwa to Tiarra

Angel Baby Constellations (ABC's) are expansive family structures made up of the Angel Children and all who love them.  There are no age limitations in the Angel Baby Constellations.  If you are a Mother, Grandmother, Brother, Father, Sibling, Auntie, Cousin, Best Friend who has experienced the ascension of a child at any age of their development, these actions are brought forth in your honor.


Day 1 & Day 2
@ Auspicious AcousticsSound Sanctuary, El Cerrito, CA

Saturday June 1, 2024 and Sunday June 2, 2024

11:00 AM -7:00 PM

Full Schedule available upon Registration


We are thrilled to announce that Ancestral Alchemy Academy and Abundant Beginnings are

collaborating to bring Teach-Ins to The Very Cherry Magic Actions so our children get to experience radical healing, too!

This nature-based, play-based option is included for those whom would benefit from childcare. 

Please sign up for this care via our registration form.


Auspicious Acoustics’ Sound Sanctuary is located in Huichin, Unceded Ohlone Territory, aka El Cerrito, CA.

The Sanctuary is a sacred heart space.  Per sanctity, location shared upon registration confirmation.

*delectable plant-based meals catered by Third Eye Soul Kitchen


Our PLAYdates, our PRAYdates, our RITUALS, & our CEREMONIES

are actions in service of the young ones who are saying

‘Remember Me.’  ”

- La Madre Tiarra

The "Why" is in the Wonders

"What excites me about Cherry Magic is imagining a grieving parent experiencing one or both of these action days, or learning about the work and knowing there is a place for them; knowing they are cared for and loved beyond measure as they are.  I want members of our constellation to see and hear the complexity and beauty of their positionality as grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, or chosen family member to an ascended young one reflected back to them as valid and holy."

                         Cherry's GodAuntie, Nakachi Clark-Kasimu

gratitudes abound

We give thanks to The Original ~The Great Spirit ~The Ultimate Source. 

We give thanks to The Ancestry, and the countless Guardians, Guides, Elders, Spirits, Beings harmonizing in service of the best and highest good.


We give thanks to our Beloved Cherry ~ The Heru of our lineages ~The True Beauty that makes us better ~ The Reason.

We give thanks to our Families and The Beloved Community.  Blessed be the ties that bind us. 



Thank you for your support

We are infinitely abundant and
🌈The Very Cherry Magic Actions are FREE to the ABCs!🌈

We graciously receive Abundance Offerings via our Givebutter as we walk this path of Prosperity Consciousness, and we consider your contribution an act of solidarity in helping us ensure accessibility ever-onward.  Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to bring this work forth in the best and highest possible way.  



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The Very Cherry Magic Actions are powered by The Ancestry and Auspicous Acoustics

all rights reserved,  Auspicious Acoustics 2024

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