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I got what I came here for and leaving with more than I could've imagined.
- anonymous

Thank you Tiarra & Ry-El for the beautiful love and healing you share with the planet. 
We are blessed to have the chance to listen.  
- Adia

I am so grateful to have taken in this medicine, this gift, this love.
- anonymous

Auspicious Acoustics sound healing is like nothing i've ever experienced before. Many of the sound baths i've been to have been very angelic and celestial in the tones chosen, but Auspicious Acoustics is not quite that.  The vibrations felt through AA sounds are primordial, indigineous, with bits of the cosmos sprinkled in.  My ego easily dissolved into the jungle, and I became ONE with nature itself, able to vibrate once again with my essential Self.  I was lifted, but simultaneoulsy  rooted because I was safely surrounded by the sounds of Pachamama, of Mother Earth herslef and her song-full beings- Los animales, insects, plantitas, winged ones.  How beautiful it is to feel safe to surrender.  I left the sound healing feeling filled back up with my own heart song, my own familiar song that comes back when I feel healed through another layer of my complexity.  Immense gratitude for the gift of the Auspicious Acoustics team.

- Shay

Transcendant. That's how I feel after your sound healing journey. 
Thank you for doing something that VERY FEW people are capable of doing so powerfully.
- Carmela

Always a journey! 
The vibrations connect me with the source of the divine. 
- Iya Ash

Always so beautiful the variety of rhythms, sounds, music and song. 
I feel like care is being taken to bring the instruments throughout the room
and to bless each person in a magical way.
- anonymous

Amazing as always.  Each time with Auspicious Acoustics I experience something new and enriching and powerful.  Thank you for allowing me space in your sacred circle.
- Ash

Thank you Auspicious Acoustics for bringing this medicine that we all so deeply need to us today.  I felt at home, this ceremony felt like a homecoming.  Immense clarity reached me & the vibrations that came from the sound touched my heart.  
- MaryCarmen

Transformative.  Thank you for holding this space. 
The energy in this session was next level.
- anonymous

Auspicious Acoustics brings you on a spiritual, ancestral sound & healing journey to bring you the release you need most! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!  If you come and bring your openness, your willingness to be vulnerable, and you wont be disappointed!
- Thomas Ng

Thank you for holding such beautiful space I feel lighter and brighter. 
Thank you 
- anonymous

My country Sri Lanka is going through a rough time period.  This helped me calm down and release anxious energy.  The waves reminded me of back home alot.  Thank you!
- Thivanka

Thank you for helping me practice surrendering to parts of myself that needed gentleness and play through movement and sound.  I'm reminded that I am alive.  I am grateful.- jordan raye

  Happiness & love was held in this space today. Thank you. I feel full.  I feel whole.

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